Our Process

After years of following traditional practices, we have developed a unique process to produce top quality maple syrup and products in an efficient manor with respect to the most important resource, the maple trees.

The process starts out in January as we head out into the woods to tap the maple trees. We use a disposable spout, 5/16” in diameter, which is replaced each season. This prevents excess bacteria from entering the tap hole and reduces stress compared to traditional 7/16” spouts.

The trees are connected to a modern vacuum tubing system, which is used to collect the sap and transfer it to stainless steel storage tanks. To maintain a high vacuum level, we check the tubing often, fixing leaks as needed. We are also starting to monitor portions of our tubing with wireless remote sensors, which will tell us vacuum levels by looking at a computer or smart phone.

Once we have enough sap in the storage tanks, it is transported to the sugar camp. It is then concentrated with a reverse osmosis machine, which saves time and money, and helps to produce a better product. For the groves that are farther away, we start concentrating the sap at the grove so we have less to haul. Our sap is concentrated to 15% sugar. At this point, the concentrated sap is boiled on an oil fired 4’ X 14’ stainless steel evaporator, with a steam away unit to increase efficiency. We produce 80 gallons of syrup per hour. The evaporator used 14.5 gallons of oil an hour. The syrup is then filtered and hot packed in stainless steel drums. As the syrup is needed to fill orders it is reheated, refiltered, and hot packed into retail containers.

We retail and wholesale our syrup. All of our retail syrup is bottled at our maple farm, in a kitchen dedicated to maple products.

The remaining months are spent managing our maple woods and installing or repairing our tubing system. With the size of our operation, it has become a year round process.

With our proven process and our dedication to detail and cleanliness, we are able to produce what truly is nature’s finest sweetener.