"Where did the summer go?"

I was thinking about how much work there is to do around the farm yet before maple season, and thought to myself "where did the summer go?". Then I remembered all of the work we completed since closing on the farm in May. Both houses were cleaned out and the tile garage has been emptied. The sugar camp has also seen many changes in the past few months. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) room has been insulated and the RO machines set in place, the two large tanks (8,350 and 9,100 gallons) are set in place, and the pump room is nearly complete. The picture above shows the (4) Airblo rotary vane vacuum pumps that we will use at this location. We also did a lot of brush cleaning, driveway repairs, and tree trimming. I guess after thinking about it, it's easy to see where the summer went! There is still so much work to complete, so I better get busy.
Moving sap tank into sugar camp
Moving one of the sap taps into the sugar camp.
Large sap tanks
Sap tanks set in place in the sugar camp.