Progress Around The Farm

The last few weeks have been busy at the farm. We have been bottling syrup and making other confections. Also, we have been busy cleaning the old farmhouse. There are so many neat treasures from years gone by. I especially like some of the old pictures and letters. A late 1940’s picture of Joe Wagner and family shows him at what appears to be a happy point in his life. I am sure he had days that were tough, gathering sugar water in the snow and mud and working hard every day to support the family. Looking around the farm at all of the stone walls that Joe built makes me appreciate his hard work. I sure hope Joe is happy to see improvements being completed on the farm again. Hopefully the smile on his face is as big as his smile in that old picture from 1949!


Pictures show a glimpse of the stone walls built by Joe Wagner. 

Stone wall built as a fence along the property line.